How to choose shoes?
When buying boots first need to pay attention to, from which made shoes. Leather is always preferable. It retains heat well, feet feel comfortable, and wear shoes have a much higher than the artificial. Imitation is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish from genuine leather.

The type of material can be determined, if not look at the hemmed edge of the skin. There you can easily make out leatherette not natural base.
Suede is very beautiful, but does not tolerate the reagents that are so treated streets in winter. From the pile of reagents jams and loses an attractive appearance.
How to choose boots made of suede? First of all, you need to pay attention to the front surface of the suede.

The smaller pile, the better suede. Suede must not be friable in appearance, have a homogeneous structure, color and color.
Giving preference to European brands, it is important to take into account that the European footwear is usually done on narrower blocks.
Pay attention to the mounting of the sole. If it is glued, the glue should be no streaks or “bubbles” when sewn, the seam must be uniform and clear thereof should not stick out of thread.

On the exterior of our shoes and the duration of its operation affects its storage.
Shoes are best kept in places where the sun’s rays do not penetrate and moisture. Ultraviolet radiation is the catalyst for the oxidation of many parts of footwear. Exposure to sunlight for synthetic rubber, leading to the formation on the surface of the hard crust. Rubber used in the manufacture of footwear crack from exposure to direct sunlight. A moist environment is having a negative impact on virtually all types of footwear.